Business Credit System Pre-Qualification Assessment

Our Free Business Finance Pre-Qualification Assessment has 4 Steps:

Step 1 - We ask you to provide your contact information and some business information.

Step 2 -You let us know about your business status. Are you a startup or is there revenue.

Step 3 - Where does the business stand with business credit scores and the owner's scores. We can check on your business credit, and you provide any owner's information.

Step 4 - We get your results and we let you know what finance programs you qualify for. Then we let you know what to do next and how to optimize your business finance options.

The Business Finance Pre-Qualification Assessment shows you what business financing programs are available to you now. It then gives you specific instructions about what you need to do to pre-qualify for more business financing programs in the future. Your test results provide you with the help you need to access your business financing opportunities now and a step by step guide to optimize more business financing opportunities in the future.

This is Step 1, let's find out where you are on getting business financing.

Building business credit can be somewhat tricky at first, but can be a huge asset overall. By having separate business credit accounts, you will be able to maintain your personal credit score without taking hits from multiple inquiries and high credit limits. In fact, business credit scores are ranked differently than personal scores and use different rules and criteria for qualifying your business for credit in the future. What's important is to find a small business lender who is willing to give you credit based on your business's tax information and not your personal information.

Inside You Will...

Complete the 26 items of Lender Compliance to insure that none of the items are the reason your business may get declined.

Optimize the three personal credit reports and scores of anyone owning 15% or more of your business.

Set up your business credit files with all three major business credit reporting agencies,

Build the business scores of your business entity so that has business scores of at least 70+ with all three business credit agencies.

Have access to the approval guidelines of more than 4,000 small business lenders and over 3,000 vendor credit lines of credit.

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